To successfully go through college, students have to master their writing skills. In the life of a student, you will have various writing opportunities. From assignments, essays, exams to posting on social media or a blog.

The need to write well won’t end upon graduation. You will still have emails to send, resumes to draft, etc. You may be able to get Irish essay writer services, but you still need to hone your writing skills.

Below are strategies to help improve the writings skills for students:

1. Rewarding Good Writing: as an educator, you should encourage your students to write well. You can achieve this by rewarding those who can communicate in their custom essay writing, in a readable and crisp manner.

2. Regular writing exercises: to become a better writer one has to write regularly. Assign your students varied daily writing assignments, e.g., open-ended exam questions, outside writing assignments, in-class writing assignments, and more.

3. Emphasis on the Grammar rules: teach the students the basics of grammar. Encourage them to observe the use of punctuation and grammar, in the books or articles that they read. You can also refer them to sites that teach writing skills, e.g., Grammar Girl.

4. Change Mindset: many people are afraid to write as it feels like they are exposing their inner thoughts. It’s the lack of confidence in themselves that keeps them from improving their skills. Help your students change their attitude towards the importance of learning to write.

5. Provide guidance: It isn’t enough to give an assignment to students and leave them at that. You also need to guide them throughout the process. Explain the importance of outlines, show them how to choose a topic, define what counts as plagiarism.

6. Feedback: Without feedback, it is like sitting an exam and never knowing what you scored. Provide specific feedback to each student. It will help them identify the areas that need more work, and how or where to seek further help.

7. Let the students analyze and critique their work. Divide them into small groups where they go through each other’s work. The students will realize that writing isn’t just about getting good grades but thinking clearly. You can then skim through their work later.

8. Reading out Loud: It will help students understand the importance of the flow of ideas. Read some of the quality pieces of your former students to them. Let them realize that they can reach and surpass the same level.

9. Encourage the reading culture: successful writers are also keen on reading. Help your students find the connection between reading and writing. Assign them specific reading materials with detailed instructions on what and where to look.

10. Place importance on clarity and specificity: any reliable essay assignment help will use well-thought ideas and clear writing in producing content. Encourage students to use direct and straightforward wordings.

11. Tell your story: we all react positively to relatable content. Explain the writing process that you use, to them. Show them how it works for you.

12. Provide useful material: share out other additional content that will help improve their writing. It could be tip sheets or writing guides.

13. Motivation: let the students understand that writing is a process. They shouldn’t be discouraged by the many failed attempts.

14. Writing a summary of each lecture: before your class ends, ask the students to summarize the lesson in 5 minutes. Let them critique each other’s writing.

15. Familiarize with common writing errors: let them know the potential mistakes they could make and the rules they violate.


You should take responsibility for the progress your students make in writing. The above strategies will help you in guiding them through improving their skills.