Coorg is surely one of the best places to visit in Karnataka. It is stationed around 150 kilometers away from Mysore and it is certainly a heavenly space that you must travel. It is also known as Kodagu. Nature has allotted this space with a wide range of beautiful delights that soothes and tranquilizes the hearts of the travelers. If you are quite fond of sporting adventure, this place is perfect for you. Take a glimpse of these 13 regions in Coorg, to have a lifetime experience and acknowledge why it is most visited spot for a number of travelers. You can book Coorg resorts online to relish this amazing heavenly destination.

Read-out the 13 must-visit places in Coorg for a dream vacation:

Abbey falls

The Abbey Falls is surely an unmissable pleasure of Coorg and one of the most stunning falls beautifying the South India, descending through the dignified Western Ghats, with cold foggy clouds at the background, the ambiance is simply heart-stopping with nature at its ravishing best. Stationed just a kilometer away from the place of Madikeri, the beautiful waterfalls are stationed amidst coffee and tea plantations, affixing to its allure manifold.

Nagarhole National Park

13 Reasons Why Coorg Should Be In Your Travel Bucket List

Nagarhole National Park in Coorg is the one for Wildlife enthusiasts. It is also known as Rajiv Gandhi Park. This beautiful place is enveloped by heavy jungles and attains several different ranges of animals and approximately 280 kinds of birds. The gorgeous looking park is actually a Tiger Reserve. However, other forms such as those of wild dogs, elephants, deer, and gaur are also stored to provide a balance.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp is the ideal space to travel in Coorg to exclusively get up and close with elephants. The camp is importantly an elephant training camp which is managed by the Karnataka people governance. Here the travelers get an opportunity to ride them or even bath in the river with them while washing them.

Raja’s Seat

A popular space to relish leisure moments, Raja’s Seat is one of the finest spaces to travel in Coorg for one of the best holidays of your life. The nearby regions are embellished with flowers and appear so amazing during the flowering season.

Omkareshwara Temple

The shrine is embellished with a gorgeous lake in the front which exclusively harbors lots of distinct ranges of fishes. Omkareshwar temple provides a gorgeous combination of Islamic and Gothic styles of building and thus it also simulates sometimes a Muslim Dargah.

Brahmagiri Peak

The jaw-dropping Brahmagiri Peak is a one of the most stunning places which is full of most admirable views as well as foggy ambiance. This spectacular spectrum is placed in the beautiful Western Ghats and is the best spot for hiking and trekking. Moving through vibrant floras, fascinating grasslands, and currents of crystal clear blue waters is an experience in itself.

Mandalpatti Viewpoint

The visiting experience at Mandalpatti viewpoint is one of one of the life experiences you will ever relish. It is stationed approximately 36 kilometers from the beautiful place Madikeri town. It is a beautiful place for families and couples to relish.

Iruppu Falls

This beautiful and heavenly fall plunges down approximately from a height of 59 – 60 meters and provides a mesmerizing view. Stationed in a quiet forest, the sound of the spouting water variants with mesmerizing sounds of nature and birds and silence, developing an exceptional symphony.

Mallalli Falls

13 Reasons Why Coorg Should Be In Your Travel Bucket List

The falling water creates an amazing sound and together with its spectacular sight makes it a wonderful place to enjoy languid moments. The beauty of the mesmerizing Mallalli Falls is enhanced manifold during the monsoon season when the place becomes rich with lush and greenery. It’s a great place for picnic and to spend some romantic moments with your spouse.

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

This unique and wonderful wildlife sanctuary is stationed in the Northern segment of the Coorg Region. A portion of the beautiful Western Ghats, travelers will be captivated to find affluence of exotic and greenery species of wild birds and animals.

Talacauvery & Bhagamandala

Talacauvery is stationed around 1200 meters above the level of the sea in the Brahmagiri hills. Nevertheless, in extension to having religious significance, space is aromatic with natural elegance. The shrines of Bhagmandala too stand as spaces of great spiritual and religious importance.

Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is recognized for its unique construction which differentiates itself from other such Buddhist shrines. Different multicolored flags convey the infusing Buddhist cultures. The Golden Temple is a segment of the Namdroling Monastery.

Coffee Plantation Visit

Coorg is recognized for its coffee production and the region generates approximately 60 percent of India’s coffee. Thus, the space has a few fascinating coffee plantations. To add to the charm of the space, it is ringed by abundant rosewood, teak, and sandalwood plantations.

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