Clocks are not only versatile, functional, and attractive home decor pieces, but also extremely easy to make. All you really need is a set of clock hands and something you have lying around the house. If you’re interested in a fun, easy DIY project, consider making a clock out of any of the following items.

  1. Tea Tin
  2. Once you’ve use up all of your favorite tea, save the can. Drill a small hole in the face, insert your clock hands, and your done!

  3. Vinyl Album
  4. Whether you have a set of old vinyl records hanging out in your attic, or you find one at the thrift store, repurpose it into a clock by punching the hands through the center.

  5. Book
  6. Make those old books you’ll never read useful. It turns out that hardcover classics make the best clocks to jazz up your office space!

  7. Wood Stump
  8. The next time you cut down a tree in your front yard, have the woodcutter save you a slice of the stump. Sand it down, stencil on some numbers, drill a hole in the center for the hands, and you have an elegant, homemade clock.

  9. Bicycle Wheel
  10. Use the spoked rims of an old bicycle wheel and some large, unique clock hands to create a unique clock to hang in your garage or rec room.

  11. Cork Board
  12. Stay organized with a cork board clock. You can tack reminders for appointments and other obligations onto every hour to help keep you on schedule throughout the day.

  13. Picture Frame
  14. You can use picture frames in several different ways, whether by removing the glass and punching the hands through a photo or by creating a family photo collage clock on your wall.

  15. Dinner Plate
  16. Find a vintage dinner plate at a thrift store or decorate your own before using a glass drill to insert your clock hands.

  17. Legos
  18. Use a large, flat Lego baseplate as the backing and get creative in making the numbers out of Legos. You could use tiny legos to form each number or use your favorite lego characters in place of the numbers. It’s great for any kid’s room!

  19. Paint Samples
  20. For a rainbow clock, grab some paint samples from your local hardware store, fan them out into a circle, glue them together, and add your clock hands.

  21. Neckties
  22. Grab 12 of your old neckties for this project. Simply glue each tie to a cardboard sheet to make them stiff, then glue the skinny ends of the ties to a small round clock face to create an upcycled tie clock.

  23. Guitar
  24. You always said you would take lessons on that old guitar someday, and you never did. Now you have a use for the guitar that’s been lying around for years. Paint or wallpaper it and add some hands and numerals for a unique, easy-to-make clock.