In the advanced tech savvy world that we live in, I am sure nobody is unaware about the software Whatsapp messenger and its working. The app has millions of users worldwide with most of them using whatsapp messenger as their sole communication software. This means that the data from the conversations in this app, if hacked, can be useful in knowing anything about anybody. But how can this be done as people usually are very careful to not let their smartphones out of their sight.

 It is very much possible with the help of whatsapp spy apps. Now you will ask me what whatsapp spy apps are. Whatsapp spy apps are softwares with the help of which one can keep a track of the conversations done by a particular person with the help of a particular device. These apps also have other features like GPS tracking of the device, tracking the call and sms logs, monitoring the browser history and the complete multimedia of the target device.

One of such a whatsapp spy app is mSpy which has a plethora of features which include spying on whatsapp conversations. For more information on all the features you will have to click on the link

Following are 10 tips that will help you to decide the right whatsapp spy apps for your needs:

  1. Know your need for spy app:

Spying on anybody is not only bad manners but considered unethical. But when the reason for spying is to protect your loved ones from harm and prospective predators then nothing is unethical or wrong. So first it is necessary to know what is the need of spying on the person you are planning to use the spy app on.

  1. Choosing the right service:

When a person starts searching for services that enable spying on whatsapp conversation, they commonly want to know whether it is really possible to spy on whatsapp conversations. While the answer is yes, but there are certain limitation involved depending on the service provider chosen. It is necessary to make sure and confirm with the service provider whether their service would help them track whatsapp conversation.

  1. Check and re-check the feartures:

The whatsapp spy app come with a wide range of features, some may be good for you, some completely useless. Check and re-check the features of the service you choose to be sure that you are paying only for the features that are useful to you.

  1. Stealth feature:

Spying happens in complete secrecy. When you are planning to spy on some it is taken for granted that you don’t want the person whom you are spying on about your endeavor. So make sure that your spy app service provider has the stealth feature among the other features of the software.

  1. Requirement for whatsapp spy app for android:

When one is using whatsapp spy app for android, he has to make sure that the android device is rooted. This requirement is only for third party apps and VOIP calling apps and not necessary for tracking phone calls and text messages. Rooting is the only and best way to use whatsapp spy app for android.

  1. Requirement for whatsapp spy apps for iPhone :

iPhone is a company which does not allow apps outside of the apple company to be downloaded on their devices and to do so the devices need to be jailbroken. Apps like mSpy are some of the softwares that allow installation of the devices without jailbreaking. Ensure that the service you choose does not need for your device to be jailbroken so as to not compromise with the safety of your device. That is how you can use whatsapp spy apps for iPhone safely.

  1. Increase visibility of third party chat:

Virtual predators feel safe using the messenger chats to attack their prey. Making use of whatsapp spy apps for iPhone one can be sure to keep their loved ones safe as you can keep an eye on all the conversations and know when it is time for action.

  1. Keep an eye on new contacts:

Young kids and teenagers are prone to make new contacts easily without the knowledge about the person. Parents can keep an eye on all the new contacts coming up on their whatsapp contact list and make sure to check the background of any suspicious person.

  1. Boosting productivity levels:

If you are a business man, these spy apps are a boon to you and my advice would be to forgo with the stealth feature and let your employees know that you are keeping an eye on them if you want to boost your productivity levels.

  1. Avoidable spy apps:

There is a small list of spy apps which you can avoid as they do not show the efficiency that they used to. These apps are Phone sheriff and Mobile spy.

Keep the above tips in mind while using a whatsapp spy app for optimum use of your software.