High payment and an exciting life are what make jobs appealing for young people. Each of the medical careers has one thing in common – that you want to help. If you are also interested in helping people maintain their teeth and preventing diseases, you should consider a career in Dental Hygiene. Here are 10 different reasons for you to choose an occupation of a Dentist Hygienist.

Not Just a ‘Dentist Assistant’

If you think about it, a dental hygienist does much more than simple teeth cleaning. The role of the dental hygienist is important, as they can detect any signs of oral diseases which could lead to some major issues of a patient’s entire health.

Educating the Patients

A dental hygienist is the one who is directly interacting with his patients. The Hygienist can also teach people how to properly maintain oral hygiene and prevent anything that can jeopardize your pearly white smile.

10 Reasons: Why You Should Choose Dental Hygienist As A Career Choice

Job Security

As most of the other medical areas, a career in dental hygiene can prove itself to be a good call for a secure future. The salary should be quite satisfying for everybody. Depending on your specialization the salary can sum up to several thousands a month.

Highly Competitive Market

This is a field of high competition. You will easily get the chance for some improvement on your payment if you work hard and show willingness.

Different Positions

After receiving your master’s degree where you learn about several aspects as are dental hygiene, nutrition, anatomy, radiography and dental materials, later on you can complete some additional training. And after that you can become an integral part of the public health filed, where you can work in nursing homes or some other health care facilities. Or you can become a worker alongside a dentist in a private practice.

Showing Your Full Potential

You should be quick and precise because you are dealing with a confined space, inside a person’s mouth, with a lot of nerve endings.You must also be familiar with the equipment and every treatment.

Flexibile Hours

You can choose to work for one dentist or more, as a part-time worker. If you chose to work with several dentists you can easily arrange your working hours, because most dentists are not open for full shifts, but at specific hours. Therefore, you probably will not have to stay in late or work on weekends.


Since you are the one interacting with your patients, you must be the patient one. You must consider the approach to each and every patient so the all feel comfortable even in a dentist office.

Ability to Progress

You will need a cerificate to become a part of a private practice. However the knowledge and experince you gain under your supervisor dentist, will certainly prove itself important for your future and advancement in dental hygiene.

Challenging Career

Since the competition is high you must be the one who rises to the occasion. You should show willingness to take risk and position yourself as a determined and valuable worker.

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