10 Reasons To Move To Vancouver

Washington is home to many wonderful cities, but Vancouver is one of the brightest growing cities in the region. Just a short jaunt to Portland, Oregon, Vancouver is becoming a top choice for families and those looking to reside in a more suburban region. New homes are popping up regularly and Vancouver home builders are ready to create the residence of your dreams.

But, why are people moving to Vancouver? Here are some top reasons:

1. No Income Tax

While Portland does not have a sales tax, Vancouver doesn’t have an income tax. There are definite pluses to both, but residing in Washington while shopping in Oregon will save you a considerable amount of money over the years. In fact, your income will raise 9% if you move from Oregon to Washington, as that is the current income tax rate on the opposite side of the river.

2. Close to Portland

There are a variety of reasons it’s great to be close to Portland, aside from avoiding sales tax. While Vancouver is a growing metropolis, Portland is the closest major city and home to the museum, theater, sports, and extensive restaurants and bars. And, most importantly, Vancouver is only a short 15 minutes to Portland International Airport. Whether you travel regularly for work enjoy the occasional vacation with friends or family, or anticipate regularly visits from out-of-towners, the convenience of an airport is ideal.

3. Great Weather

Vancouver is home to many wonderful seasons and much more temperate than one would expect. The summers are beautiful along the waterfront, the winters accumulate a mere two inches of snow on the average, and the fall and spring are perfect for enjoying the many outdoor adventures available just a short distance away. With an average temperature of 51 degrees, it’s the ideal weather for nearly all occasions.

4. Top County Fair in the Nation

The Clark County Fair, which takes place each August, is listed as a Top 10 National Summer fair by With activities for the whole family, the fair is a tradition that residents look forward to all year. Some favorite entertainment includes demo derby, monster trucks, motocross, concerts, and various eating contests like watermelon, pie and hotdog. There are also carnival rides, livestock competitions, and exhibitors. The weeklong event expands each year and has become an enjoyable end-of-summer spectacle that began in 1868.

5. Access to the Outdoors

While commuting is mostly done with cars, the weekend is the time to get outside and enjoy the surrounding environment. With more than 40 miles of urban walking trails, Vancouver has become an immensely walkable city. However, there is, even more, to do just beyond its borders. Whether you decide to venture to the Columbia River Gorge, the Pacific Ocean, Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood, or Hood River, there are ample hiking, biking, boating and kayaking opportunities just a short jaunt away.

6. Close to Countless Breweries

Whether you are looking for a refreshing IPA, light porter, or rich stout, Brewcouver, as it’s aptly coined, is home to more than 30 breweries with more popping up each year. There are even 12 within a two-mile walking radius. Want to see them all? Pick up a Brewcouver Passport at any Vancouver brewery or hotel and start exploring! To keep up with all the latest brewery news visit the unofficial Brewcouver Facebook page.

7. Waterfront Overhaul

Sadly, access to the Columbia River waterfront has been blocked for the last 100 years. However, thanks to the vision of community groups and approval and funding from the local government and other entities, water-front development is now underway. Vancouver business and home builders will soon be adding restaurants, shops, housing, a hotel and a park to the 35-acre space. This will create the foundation for new jobs, added tourism, and increased recreation and transportation options. The project includes up to 3,300 residential units, one million square feet of office space, and a 7-acre park estimated at $7 million in upgrades.

8. Expansive Farmer’s Market

Ranked 8th in the nation by The Daily Meal, the Vancouver farmer’s market is the largest in Southwest Washington featuring over 250 vendors. Running from March 18 to October 29 this year, the farmer’s market will be open at 8th and Esther Street on Saturday, 9am-3pm, and Sunday, 10am-3pm. If you are looking for fresh, local, organic produce, want to grab a bite to eat in a family and pet-friendly location, and enjoy live music on a casual weekend stroll, the farmer’s market is the place to be.

9. Home Availability

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most desirable places in the country to move and with the influx of people, it’s sharply raising the prices of renting and owning a home. However, Vancouver home builders are developing new construction as we speak. With the average home worth $268,500 and prices rising, now is the time to buy. In the last year alone, the home average has risen 12.7% and is expected to go up by another 4.6% in 2017. The market is on the rise, but it’s still affordable compared to nearby metropolitan cities.

10. Low Unemployment Rate

The U.S. economy added 178,000 jobs in November which lowered the unemployment rate to 4.6% from 4.9% October, the lowest it’s been since 2007, and the most recent data to date. Unemployment has been at or below 5% in the last year, as more people have returned to the job market. This is great news, but it gets even better in Vancouver. While the unemployment rate rose to 5.4% in the Vancouver area last summer, in November it dropped below the national average to 4.3%. The job market is improving nationwide, but in Vancouver, it’s really heating up.

Vancouver is a beautiful, family-friendly, pet-friendly city that is continuing to grow and prosper. Vancouver home builders are jumping in to create customized dream residences, which are why now is the time to buy, before the market heats up even more.

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