In the ancient times, people took sports seriously as an important part of their lives. Those who engaged in the sports were the fit, energetic and masculine men who were also seen as warriors of the community. Fast forward to today, efforts to maintain a fit lifestyle is a norm for most people whether as an athlete or just an ordinary person. According to a  – a website that sells fitness supplement that works – they say that some myths hinder people from getting the full benefits of the efforts. So, below is a highlight of the popular ones and the truth about them.

10 Most Popular Myths About Fitness That You Should Know

1.Myth: Lifting weights adds bulk

Truth: This one looks almost true and many people believe so. However, it is worth noting that adding muscles require more than lifting weights. This includes more protein diet, water, and most important steroids which increase the hormones that trigger cells growth. Weight lifting is just one crucial part of the bigger muscle increases package.

2.Myth: Water drinking makes you lose weight

Truth: This is yet another myth that people have bought for many centuries. However, some research indicates that water is only essential to keep the body hydrated for various functions and that’s it. In fact, there is a lacking evidence that it is the ultimate fat loss pack that should make you prefer it to food. Drink plenty and enough water to keep the body hydrated only.

3.Myt: You prevent injuries for stretching before workouts

Truth: It is only known that stretching after workouts have many benefits. However, numerous studies have failed to relate pre-workout stretching with any benefits. Some of the studies have theorized that stretching will destabilize the muscles and affect the workouts.

4 Myth: Vegetable diets will help you keep fit

Truth: Vegetable are rich in nutrients and lower the calorie intake level. However, one cannot cut off other groups of diets completely. If you are a body builder, you will need protein more and enough carbohydrates to give the necessary energy for workouts. Eat a balanced diet at all times.

5. Myth: Hot shower before workout keeps soreness off

Truth: You need to understand the biology to understand. So allow me to explain. Soreness in muscles is caused when lactic acid settles on blood vessels. When one is active in workouts the vessels expand and more lactic acid is deposited. However, an ice cold bath, not hot, keeps the vessels opening to the minimum during the workouts and consequently, less lactic acid is deposited.

6.Myth: Running is yields better results than power training

Truth: Running is not what you need to facilitate the growth of muscles. In fact, it is it will only help the lower part of the body. So, you cannot substitute the power workouts with running no matter what.

7.Myth: exercises will eliminate poor eating habits

Truth: You can never change your eating habits through exercises: it has to be planned by you. So, it is not good to leave the fate of what you eat to just a mere workout program you are one.

8.Myth: Both women and men exercises should be different

Truth: There is no approved publication that promotes some exercises for men while others for ladies. If there is one, then it is lying. Similar exercises may yield different results due to different hormone make between men and women and that’s it.

9 Myth: It is possible to just tone the muscles

Truth: According to one fitness expert, one can only start by losing body fat which will lead to muscle toning. However, toning just done come by itself and thus, it is wrong to just believe that.

10.Myth: Exercising with empty stomach burns more fat

Truth: While people still believe that hitting the gym with an empty stomach will help reach the fat store, it is good to know that this is wrong. Experts say that it will burn muscles instead. Additionally, you may strain to reach the optimal performance.