Herb gardening can be successful, and can be so disappointing at the same time. Most of the herb gardeners commit ten common mistakes.

  1. Selection of unhealthy herb plants

When looking for plants to make a herb, most gardeners make the mistake of selecting unhealthy plants, with the hope of making them healthier. Always select a plant that is healthy, with bright colors and plenty of foliage. In case you see any bug on the plant or an aphid or a sickly plant, avoid that plant.

  1. Not fertilizing

Ensure you apply the organic fertilizers frequently in the garden. The fertilizers lengthen the life cycle of the herbs.

  1. Overcrowding the plants

Overcrowding is wastage of time and money. Overcrowding will not give you healthy plants for the herbs. Many plants will spring up in one area, fighting for the available growth resources. They will have limited expansion, leading to an ugly a sickly herb.

  1. Flowering

Flowering signifies the end life of the herb. Once the herbs flower, the flowers turn into seeds, and the plants die off for the next season. If you spot any flowers, pick them out or cut them below the stem.

  1. Spraying chemicals

Chemical sprays have consequences on the health of the consumers. Any fruits and other edibles should not be sprayed with the chemicals. In the herb is attacked with a disease of insects, use natural controls and product to take care of the situation.

  1. Neglecting the smaller details

Any neglected small problem can lead to total loss of the plant of the whole herb garden. Carefully observe for any changes in the leaves, stems, and the soil and attend to them

  1. Inappropriate watering and mulching

Herbs should be watered daily around the stems in the early morning to allow water to soak before evaporation. Mulch the herbs near the stems but right next to the stems.

  1. Planting the herbs in inappropriate environment

When selecting the plants, ensure you know the kind of environment they grow best in, and provide that environment for the plants. Some people make the mistake of selecting a plant that should be grown in a wet, humid area, and grow them in dry and windy areas.

  1. Insufficient pruning

Pruning makes the plants have plenty of foliage and healthier. Pruning the stems and the leaves lengthens the lifespan of the herbs. If you do not prune the herbs, the stem will be long with few leaves, and die fast.

  1. Not protecting herbs enough

Protect the herb garden most people neglect the garden and the plants end up dying or attacked by pests and diseases. Use natural organic means to protect the garden.

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