The Bangkok real estate market is on the rise and it is one of the most beautiful and affordable places to live in. If you are thinking of moving to this amazing place here are the 10 important things to consider before renting an apartment in Bangkok-

1) Set a budget As an expatriate it is always a better option to rent an apartment rather than buying one. It is cheaper in the long run. Living in Bangkok is easier and cheaper than living elsewhere in Asia but set a budget before looking for an apartment. Be sure to talk to the landlord and understand if there are any hidden costs other than the rent.

2) Zero in on the locations that suit you the best Do the rounds of places that might be likely to suit you the most. Understand the area around, the general rent and the location and what all it offers. Do some research as per your budget and requirement and then zero in on two three areas. Know what to expect as house rent in Bangkok at each one of these places. Try to figure out the place that is best for you in terms of work and relaxation.

3) Make a list of things required House rent in Bangkok is easier on the pocket as compared to other parts in Asia. But before taking the final step consider the things that you would need in the apartment. If the location and the house meet your requirements then go ahead with the agreed house rent.

4) What are the amenities offered Understand and talk to your landlord about what does the house rent include. Try and get some extras and know exactly what amenities are being offered with the house rent in Bangkok.

5) Drop in for a visit Be sure to pay your possible future home a visit before finally deciding to go ahead with it. Inspect the house and its condition. Check the faucets, lights etc and only when you are sure should you go ahead with the renting.

6) Have your lawyer take a go at your contract Paperwork is very important when renting an apartment. Glance carefully for the agreed house rent, the amenities offered and other things agreed upon.

7) Hike and its frequency The real estate market in Bangkok is booming and so the house rent in Bangkok is likely to get affected too. Talk to your landlord about the frequency of hiking the house rent before signing the agreement.

8) The neighbourhood Have a look at the neighbourhood and the kind of area around your apartment. Don’t be afraid to go and talk to some neighbours and understand the place better. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

9) Is it centrally located It is important to know how centrally located your apartment is. Research about the nearest hospitals, gyms, markets, eating places etc or whatever requirements you might have before moving in is important.

10) Parking facilities If you own a vehicle, be sure to talk about the rent and allowance for a parking spot and if it is included in the house rent in Bangkok.