A spiderlift is a type of tracked access platform that is often referred to as being similar to a cherry picker. However unlike cherry pickers, spiderlifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them more useful to a wide range of businesses. Here we will list ten different industries that use spiderlifts and how the machinery benefits them. 

1. Construction

In the past construction workers would use scaffolding to assist them in their building work. Today they are more likely to use spiderlifts, as they are considered safer, more practical and more efficient. Instead of having to spend time erecting and dissembling scaffolding, they can simply press a few buttons on a spiderlifts dashboard and reach the required height within minutes. 

2. Tree Care

Many tree surgeons now use spiderlifts to help them carry out tree care and maintenance. Using a spiderlift prevents them from having to climb the trees (helping to minimise safety risks) and also enables them to carry out their work much more quickly. Seeing as spiderlifts are lightweight and have tracks, they cause less damage to the environment than other pieces of machinery. 

10 Different Uses Of Spiderlifts

3. Film Making

Visit a film set and you are likely to find a number of spiderlifts. Camera operators often use spiderlifts to capture overhead shots. Spiderlifts can also be used to construct indoor sets, as they are useful for setting up the lighting and special effects equipment.

4. Window Cleaning

Whilst a ladder may be all a window cleaner needs to reach the top windows of a two-storey house, if they are cleaning tall office buildings, they are going to need something a little more robust. Today you will find that many commercial window cleaners use spiderlifts when cleaning high-rise flats and office buildings. The machinery allows them to reach the windows safely and carry out their jobs more efficiently. 

5. Building Maintenance

One of the great things about spiderlifts is that they can be used for both indoor and outdoor building maintenance. They are very lightweight which means they can be used on even the most fragile of flooring services. If you have to carry out roof repairs, whether outdoors or indoors, you are going to want to use a spiderlift to get up there. 

10 Different Uses Of Spiderlifts

6. Fire Services

Fire fighters often use spiderlifts to reach the top floors of buildings. Spiderlifts are much safer to use than ladders and often allow multiple rescues to take place at one time. Using a spiderlift also prevents fire fighters from having to lift the civilians they are rescuing, allowing for quicker and more successful rescue missions.

7. Servicing Telephone and Electricity Poles

Thanks to spiderlifts, maintenance workers can service and repair telephone and electricity poles with ease. Using a spiderlift is much more convenient and enables them to complete more jobs in a single day. 

8. Broadcasting Sporting Events

Camera workers often use spiderlifts to get overhead or ‘birds eye’ shots of large sporting events. Using a spiderlift they can get swooping shots that add a little extra drama to their camerawork and give viewers a better view of the action.

9. Warehouse Work

Spiderlifts are becoming more commonly found in warehouses. When employees need to carry out stock takes or pick items from top level shelving racks, spiderlifts can provide great assistance. They make working at height much more safe and allow warehouse workers to carry out their tasks more efficiently. 

10. Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning companies often use spiderlifts on jobs where they are required to clean buildings with high ceilings such as sports centres and churches. Using a spiderlift they can reach beams, signage and other building parts that they would not be able to reach with a ladder.