Slow drip, French Press, Espresso, Frappe, and Mocha are just a few coffee preparations that you can find at your local coffee shop. Each type of coffee from around the world have their own unique characteristics and are prepared in various ways. However, they are all categorised into three main groups per the regions where they are grown. These are Latin American Coffees, Arabian Coffees, and Pacific Coffees.

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Frappé: Greece

Made from instant coffee of Nescafé, the Frappé is a foamy iced drink that is usually served with evaporated milk, sugar, and cold water. This is enjoyed mostly in summer in the outdoor café in Greece.

Expresso: Italy

If you get to taste the Italian expresso, it will most probably make your eyes roll. Expresso is the Italian version for coffee on the go. It is a very strong brew of coffee that is served in small cups. Express is generally sipped while standing in bars and cafes.

Buna: Ethiopia

Coffee ceremonies form part of the Ethiopian traditions. This country is also known as the homeland of coffee. It is called Buna here, and its serving ceremonies can last for a couple of hours. Instead of adding sugar, they add butter and salt to their coffee.

Café de Olla: Mexico

If you like to drink coffee with cinnamon, then Café de Olla from Mexico is just what you need. This spiced café is brewed in earthenware pots together with cinnamon sticks. Mexicans believe that the spice brings out the flavour of the coffee.

Irish Coffee: Ireland

Irish coffee was first made in the 40s in Ireland to warm up tourists who felt cold during the winter nights. This is more of a cocktail than your regular coffee, and many people drink it after having their dinner. The Irish Coffee is made up of coffee, sugar, Irish Whiskey, and this is topped with whipped cream.

Kaffe: Netherlands

Netherlands is known to celebrate its cafes that serve Kaffe, and this is very different from any coffee shops in Amsterdam. The Kaffe is commonly called bakkie troost by the Dutch, and they enjoy drinking it during any time of the day while having a cookie.

Kahwa: Saudi Arabia

There are many rules of proper etiquette that need to be followed when having coffee in Saudi Arabia. The Kahwa ceremonies include rules like always serving coffee first to the elderly.  As to counter the bitterness of the cardamom-spiced Kahwa, it is commonly served with dried dates.

Café Cubano: Cuba

Cubans prefer their coffee to be strong. They enjoy sipping the café Cubano whenever they get a chance to do so during the day. This is usually the first thing that many Cubans drink in the morning, and have it after meals.

Café au Lait: France

Not a day begins in France without the popular café au lait. This is simply ground coffee that is mixed with hot milk. Café au lait is usually served in mugs that are wider than usual; enough for you to dunk your croissants and baguettes into it.

Kaffee: Denmark

Denmark is considered as the highest consumers of coffee in the world, and this is perhaps because of the chilly temperature of the long Scandinavian winter. The consumption of Kaffee is part of the Danish culture and cafes that are always full can be found everywhere in the country, especially in Copenhagen.