Competitors Analysis has emerged as a  very crucial part for any kind of successful SEO strategy. In order to be more productive and make Search Engine user friendly, you need to have comprehensive knowledge of rival Search Engines and the features and utilities provided by them. For this sake  , web designers and Search engine optimizers have developed different tools that make this time consuming and tedious task , a handy one. Here is a list of 10 best tools that will help you keep an Eagle’s  eye on your competitors.

10 Best SEO Tool To Keep An Eye On Competitors

1.Google Alerts

Simple and easy-to-use tool for monitoring online competitors. It will send reports right to your inbox,  every single time your competitor is mentioned online, whether as a link or simply a mention. With this, even keywords can be monitored strictly.

2. Social Mention

As the name signifies, it is the by far the best tool for monitoring mentions. It  possesses lots of cool features that focus on blogs, videos, and social media stuff. By just  entering the  search term, a keyword or a company, it will lead us to  what’s being discussed about that term across blogs and social platforms.

3. Topsy

 It is a handy and efficient tool for monitoring  Twitter. All the tweets of your competitors from 2006 onwards can be  looked up  to, when you type in a site. The number , nature and followers of all tweets by your rival company can be accessed easily. You can even analyze the impact of these tweets.

Marketing Grader

4. Marketing Grader

It  is another effective tool for monitoring mentions because it gives each of your competitors an overall score based on social media activity, blogging success, SEO, and lead generation.

5. Competitive Research & Keyword Research

A clever tool that can be placed  right on your site to get information about your competitors all in one place.

6. Infini Graph

It  tracks what is trending in  social media circles by focusing on your specific industry. The idea behind this tool is that you use the power of your audience to know what content and brands are trending with them.

Google Keyword Planner

7. Google Keyword Planner

It is an ideal tool for keywords. It was formerly  known as ‘the Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator’. It has it all. Although it doesn’t focus specifically on competitor analysis but provides detailed information about all the keywords being searched .

8. Instapaper

It is primarily an Organizational tool. It simply allows you to save web pages for later to read on your computer, mobile phone, or even kindle.

Monitor Backlinks

9. Monitor Backlinks

This tool is new on the scene for monitoring keywords. This is another company with great customer service, and you can follow different competitors’ backlinks and have them sent straight to your inbox, with a description of which are the highest domains.

10. SEMRush

Another specific tool for keywords that specializes in competitor data. You can visit the homepage and type in a competitor’s website (completely free) and immediately get information regarding organic keywords and rank, ads, keywords, and traffic.

Due to its impact and wide scope, SEMRush is considered to be the best and easy to access among all the above tool. However , each one of the above proves to be helpful in different situations for different companies.