In writing or producing any content, one has to watch out for instances of plagiarism. It occurs where one uses the ideas of another without citing or proper citation of the source. To avoid this, you can either write the line of thought in your own words or paraphrase it.
It seems simple, right? When looking for paraphrase help, you will realise that the tools or software have to ensure that they maintain the structure and original meaning of the material. Straying from this could result in losing the intended message.
Though there are numerous rewrite paragraphs services, below is a list of the best places to find a suitable paraphrasing tool:

1. Paraphrasing Online

They have a paraphrasing tool that is easy to use. Also, they offer the option of hiring professional help. It is helpful when you are pressed for time and need a high-quality paper that makes sense to the reader.

2. You Paraphrase

Would you like to do all the hard work by yourself? Maybe there pieces, here and there that you would want to retain; you can try using this tool. It has a minimalistic interface and is easy to use, without needing help from other people.

3. Rewording Generator

Initially, it was developed for rephrasing web content. As the need for students to have a paraphrasing tool increased, they tweaked it for academic writing too. The rephrase generator identifies the words that can be changed and a human goes over it to produce a final readable copy and ensure that you use the field jargon.

4. Paraphrasing Tool

This tool allows you to find new ways to rewrite single words, sentences, and simple phrases. You can also use it to remix textual content. It can be in the form of a term paper or website content.
Before you paraphrase any text, you need to decide whether you want capitalised words to be rephrased, too.

5. Go Paraphrase

Maybe you have simple content and need a little paraphrasing here and there. Try the Go paraphrase tool for fast rewriting services. It works best for material that uses basic English.

6. Spinner Chief

We live in an age where AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the thing on matters technology, that’s why Spinner Chief uses it in its operations. It uses this and Natural Language Analysis to understand your material. It also supports more than 20 languages.
You can use it online or get the desktop version for your convenience.

7. Content Professor

It is an intelligent paraphrasing tool. Therefore, you can expect it to produce readable content that’s of high quality. It parses your content and checks them against its large vocabulary and language database, as it includes a multilingual thesaurus.

8. Chimp Rewriter

This tool rewrites content in seconds while retaining the meaning of the original piece. It has a 14 day free trial period, so, you can use it to see if it meets your requirements. You can also produce the content in multiple languages.

9. Spinbot

You don’t need to download or install it. It provides you with a hassle-free option for rewriting content. To avoid the captcha requirement and ads, you will need to go for the paid subscription.

10. How To Paraphrase

It’s free to use. You will need to authenticate yourself as a human by entering a captcha code.


Looking for the ideal paraphrase help can be tasking. We hope that the above list will make the search easier.